Our dedicated and experienced staff are here to provide Parents and their loved ones with special needs hope and a space that will open doors to independence, inclusion and genuine relationships

Why we started this organization

 Once individuals with significant learning and communication challenges graduate high school, they fall into what many families call “the big abyss.” They are left without support, and families feel they are left wondering an enormous bottomless pit trying to find ways for their adult children to continue learning much-needed skills and establish friendships. Once individuals with special needs transition out of high school, the alternative should not be to sit home and watch tv and play video games all day long. We understand that families want their adult children to be engaged with their community, to have a sense of belonging and continue to learn essential independent skills and develop friendships.  We are here to fill the gap. Our organization will provide programs and services so that families and their loved ones feel empowered, pursue their passions and stay connected to their community.  

Why you should choose us

Hope Endoors Community Inc is a family-owned and operated day program and support service for youth and young adults with developmental disabilities. Husband and wife team Jermaine and Marlene Spence have over 40 years of combined work experience with youth and adults with mental health challenges, Autism, developmental disabilities and other neurodevelopmental conditions. 

The Hope Endoors day program was created to provide support and community services to families with loved ones transitioning out of youth services/ high school to adult services and programs. Hope Endoors recognizes the need for families to have cost-effective programs and services to provide their loved ones with a sense of belonging and community. Our strength-based approach to programming will allow our participants to gain employability skills, live independently and develop a sense of belonging to their community.  


Why is this right for you?

Our day program is for older adolescents or adults who are looking to connect with like-minded individuals and are interested in learning new skills and ways to connect and contribute to their community. We are here to provide programs and services to support families and their loved ones with special needs, giving them a sense of belonging and community.

Which program is right for your loved one/client?

If the individual is 18+ and wants to gain the skills needed to be employed, start a business or consistently volunteer, they will want to check out our Work Readiness Program.

If the individual is 18 + and wants to learn life skills so they can feel more comfortable doing things independently at home and they want to establish and learn how to maintain genuine relationships, check out our Life Skills Program.

If the individual is 7 – 17 years and wants a safe, accepting space to meet new friends and learn social and life skills,  check out our evening and Saturday respite programs. (COMING SOON)



Helping neurodiverse families feel happy, hopeful, confident and connected.


Older adolescents and adults with developmental delay, Autism, and Down Syndrome transitioning out of youth services/ high school to adult services and programs.


Providing hope and a space where families and their loved ones with special needs can go for supportive programs and services, a space that will open doors to independent living, developing social skills and meaningful connections with the community.

Did you know. Only 48% of persons with disabilities living in Peel are working or looking for work. (cited from Portraits of Peel: a community left behind 2011)